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Shivalayaa Yoga Shala, is situated amidst the beautiful Himalayan ranges that are standing tall as if reaching for the skies and are draped with lush green and very ancient trees where resides a much grounded village of Netala. At Shivalayaa Yoga Shala, we hold Hatha Yoga Retreats, Hatha Yoga Vacations and Residential Teacher Training Courses. Our shala is facilitated by means of accommodation and sattvic food. 

We bring an environment that is comfortable and closer to home. The residential facility is simple and comfortable for a good rest and sleep to ease during the training programmes. The Yoga hall is created to give space to breathe and integrate the union of body, mind and soul. We promote a sattvic culture in the kitchen and serve Indian delicacies in the purest form.

The practitioners are encouraged to enhance a yogic lifestyle by actively participating in various activities which are designed and integrated with the nature. The surrounding around the shala provides a holistic lifestyle close to the nature with freshness and tranquility.  

Yoga Hall

Yoga Hall is designed such to integrate the union of body, mind and soul. The environment is kept sattvic for the practitioner to advance further in their respective sadhana. Adherence to cleanliness and discipline is most important in the place of spiritual practice.


Our accommodation is simple, comfortable and single gender. We provide furnished dormitory with four beds each with beddings and towels. Each of these dorms is facilitated with two shared bathrooms with solar water heater available throughout.  


We offer two meals, brunch and dinner both conclusive of vegetarian yogic diet.  Based on the ancient science of Ayurveda and yogic culture this diet is inclusive of fresh fruits, vegetables, milk products, whole grains, legumes with nuts and seeds in raw and cooked form.


Indian spices also play an important role in the preparation of food as their uses are both medicinal and for taste purpose. Used in the form of seasoning and preparing masala, the spices are both healthy and add flavor to the cooked food. 

Such a diet is wholly conducive to the practice of Yoga, spiritual progress and psychic advancement.

At the shala we also grow few basic spices according to the climate, seasonal vegetables and green leafs to incorporate a organic and healthy lifestyle. 

We all gather at Annapurna hall chant a small verse from Bhagwat Gita and say few prayers togther and then commence to eat. We usually eat in silence so as to let the Anna be cherished not just by the tongue but we are content by it from our soul too.

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