Ethical Guidelines

Shivalayaa Yoga Shala as an organization is dedicated to enhance the integration of the body, mind and soul. In order to adapt to a yogic lifestyle, we are hereby required to adhere the following code of conduct:


  1. As a Human being first and later as a practitioner of yoga  we have certain obligation towards the society we live in and also towards the self. They are chalked out as Yamas and Niyamas respectively. Here at the Yoga Shala we adhere to these Yamas and Niyams as laid down by ancient sages to be practised as a part of Gurukula system.

  2. During the duration of classes and lectures you are asked to use the proper dress code (uniform) except for personal yoga practice. On days off and during free hours when you wish to take a stroll in the village, you are required to keep the clothing apt as a regard to culture we live in.  Any kind of nudity is prohibited in the premises and outside the Yoga Shala

  3. As we have students and practitioners coming from all walks of life and different backgrounds, we acknowledge verbal interaction. We request you to keep your usage of mobile phone bare minimum.  Mobile phones are strictly banned in the classes. However, for photography, video and audio recording during the classes and lectures permission may be taken by the Faculty.

  4. During your duration of stay at Yoga Shala, you are requested to follow Brahmacharya and keep of sex and any sexual activity as it affects the mind and becomes an obstacle in your spiritual practice.  

  5. The need for discipline is important in the path of sadhana. It is essential for the mind and also for the body.  During any programme especially Teacher Training Courses, complete attendance and full participation in the daily classes, meditation and satsang are mandatory. If for any reason you must be absent from any part of the schedule, you are required to inform the teaching faculty at the Shala.  Also any absence from the Yoga Shala during the duration of the course other than on a day off is not permissible.

  6. Karma Yoga is an essential part of any programme you choose to attend at the Shala. It not only is a path of growth in the spiritual journey but if the activity one does with complete meditation and regardless of any expectation it becomes a process of liberation it is Karma Yoga. We give an hour of Karma Yoga, also traditionally known as Seva. The practitioners are requested to integrate it as a part of training.

  7. Proper diet has an intimate connection with the mind of a Yogi. At the Shala, we serve a wholsesome Sattvic diet that is just not rich in food elements but also rich in prana. We strictly avoid usage of any non- vegetarian food items, onion and garlic within the premises. Use of any kind of intoxicant is strictly prohibited (such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, coffee etc). You are requested to also avoid it during the duration of any programme or on any outings. If you are found guilty of indulging into any of the above within the Shala premises, you would be directly eliminated without any prior notice.


These are basic guideline that are required and requested to be followed by any one who wishes to enrol for their choice of programme. Once you accept these, please proceed towards Registration.