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Maria Jose Navarro

Thank You very much Naveen and Diksha. It was unforgettable experience. Thanks for sharing your Yoga, knowledge, spirituality, kindness and affection with us. I feel like apart of my heart stay here in Netala, in this landscape, people, in you and your wonderful Ashram. The practice the food and teh accommodation has been excellent. Hope we meet again and wish you all the best!

Lots of love

Maria Jose Navarro (Sagarika)



I have spent very fulfilling days. My mind was able to feel relaxed because Yoga Ashram is in nature near Ganges River and Himalaya Mountains. I could concentrate to Yoga away from daily life. When I lived in Ashram, I noticed that studying yoga changed my mind and my body. Although I can't speak English ,I was studying fun because a kind interpreter told me lot's of thing. I was happy to find that Naveen always cared about me. It's a good enviroument. All staff is kind and friendly. I though that I want to know and to learn more about yoga. This place is an important place for me. I was able to see good people,and I was able to live happily with them. I really appreciate them. It was very valuable experience by yoga.



Yoshihiro (Chii)

You'll have a long bumpy ride all through the mountains and at last you'll get to Netala , the village where we learn yoga. For us who live in a town, work in a city and see only windows through a window feel this place, Shivalaya Yoga Shala, standing deep inside the green high mountains ,like we came to a remote outback of the world. But we soon notice that silence doesn't come without a sound but comes with sounds of unknown birds' beautiful songs and the sound of life, the sounds of village, in the morning. It was my first time to India and also it was my first time to learn yoga too. I know almost nothing about yoga but I had no trouble through my practice (except my body pain). It's so good place to concentrate on something. Mountains, clean and comfortable rooms,beds,& shower, delicious foods, simple life and also Naveen. Naveen is our yoga teacher. He keeps this place in a perfect way every time. 

Ionce asked him how can you make such delicious foods everyday, because this was my first time to eat vegetarian foods every day and my first time to eat curry every time and I still felt delicious every day. Naveen told me that yoga means unite. Unite your body, mind and soul all together. This is concentrating. All of you should be here on cooking. I'm trying to tell this to our cook, he said. Naveen used to be a good cook, and the boy there is also a good cook. Naveen also carefully selects the veges to buy and he also has his own field. He is not serving us tasty foods. He serves us satvic foods. The way he care about everything really told me what yoga is. The place we learn yoga is where the ancient people actually practiced and meditated. This is the place where yoga was grown up. We have the river Ganges nearby You should touch the water, and listen to the stories of mother Ganga. The good thing to learn yoga in India is we can see, feel and understand yoga not only in the classes by also in daily lives. It doesn't care that you don't have a religion. I don't have one, I never believed in God.Of course there's no matter what you believe in. You can find your own silence and peace with the singing birds inside you. I learn that asanas is also meditation. After the TTC, maybe your body hearts a little but I found that I understand more about how to treat myself,how to be myself, and how to learn more. Thank you Naveen, Madhu, Subodh and Jagbeer. Shanti.

Yoshihro (Chii)

Julio Martinez


I want to thanks Shivalayaa Yoga Shala for everything the've done for me.

Being there for more than 4 weeks has been one of the best experiences in life.

First the environment is amazing. you are sorounded by beautiful mountains and the great river. Nature is always present in your reality there. That is really important for taking advantage of all clases that you get there for practicing yoga and life lessons. It is really a moment for going inside you and start your steps in the awakening of your own nature. People, Food, hospitality, and the town are all really something to experience too. You will experience happiness everywhere. Thanks to all Yoga Shala team for all I've experience with them.

You help me to change my life for better.

Namaste! Pura Vida. GRACIAS and see you soon


Linda Liewendahl

I highly recommend Shivalayaa yoga shala. This family is full of pure love and compassion. They welcomed me with opened arms into their beautiful home in the Himalayas and also offered me a warm delicious chai tea with chapati after the yoga class.
I have been to a few of Naveen's yoga classes and I loved it from the first moment. He is so passionate and he really loves what he is teaching. 
He has many years of experience behind him and his English is perfect. The place is located in a small village called Netala close to Uttarkashi, surrounded by high mountains, trees and the holy Ganga river.
It is such a peaceful place, perfect for deep inner work.
If you are going to Uttarkashi, come by here, you will love this place. They also do yoga retreats, and on the 4th floor you can go up on their big rooftop and watching the stars.
A big thanks to Naveen and his wife Diksha for your love and kindness. 
I will be back for sure
From Finland


Patricia Gr

A fantastic place to practice yoga and train. A charming environment, surrounded by mountains and tranquility. Naveen and diksha make you feel welcome and you can count on them at all times. They are great professionals and people. Food and accommodation is very good. Highly recommended.


Jennifer Andres Anaya

Aprender del mejor de los maestros en un lugar y un ambiente mágico!! El lugar es hermoso y sus miembros también!! Te hacen sentir como en casa!! Gracias a todos los que hacen posible Shivalayaa Yoga!! Si quieres formarte en yoga, este es tu sitio!! :)



 Lieu incroyable, des gens chaleureux et tres accueillants, des cours de qualite ...
Jy ai trouve tout ce que je cherchais et plus encore !
Une experience extraordinaire
Jy retourne des que possible !

A beautiful welcoming experience. So hospitable and would recommend anyone considering this place to go and experience. You will not be disappointed!! Absolutely beautiful.

Aimz Amore Rose

Shivalayaa yoga shala is the perfect place to stay. Naveen and Diksha have built a secret refuge where learn and enjoy the nature, the people, the sounds and silent. without doubt, it has something special.

Rocio Mars

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