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Yoga Retreat


Teacher Training Course

Host your Yoga Retreat and Teacher Training Courses at Shivalayaa Yoga Shala, Netala Uttarkashi.

We welcome TEACHERS AND ORGANIZERS looking to organize a retreat with their group or organize self-directed yoga retreats. This place is a dwelling in nature, far from the rush and in the Silent Himalayas and closer to Mother Ganga (Bhagirathi Ganga),you can enjoys the simple village life.


Shivalayaa Yoga Shala is located in a Himalayan Village - NETALA . It is as travellers call it Natures best kept secret and Paradise. in ancient times Netala, Uttarkashi has been home to many Saints, Sages and Yogis. The truer knowledge of Scriptures, the wisdom of Vedanta and the glory of Bhagwat Gita echoes in this region. Shiva and Shakti have strolled these lands as legends read and many divinities have spent years in austerity to attain Moksha. This humble village is an expression of simple living and high thinking as quoted by Swami Sivananda. 


We can accommodate upto 20 people comfortably. The food prepared is Sattvic and delicious. Most of the vegetables are farm collected or homegrown. The Yoga Hall is spacious and designed for Yoga & Spiritual practice. Self - discipline is a part of our everyday regime


Look Around:


You can walk around the village and go for treks and hikes, meditate at the Banks of Mother Ganga, visit Nachiketa Tal, Gangotri (only 85km drive), Gangnani (Natural Hot water Spring), Dayara Bugyal (Valley of Flowers and more..

Join us in this revered land and explore the culture and lifestyle of Netala, Uttarkashi.


Vani Shukla,

In 2018 October ,I hosted my Yoga Retreat at Shivalaya with my 11 students from Australia,my experience with Shivalaya was extra ordinary...


Being a Yoga teacher and a host of a retreat, a good energy is very important for me, Shivalayaa carries a great energy of harmony and peace.The whole place was a full of positive vibration of Shiva and Shakti.


Annapurna -kitchen facilities and Bhojan (meals) were beyond our expectations,Diksha really takes good care of menu design,health and variety...My students loved it.


Neveens help in conducting the retreat smoothly,yoga classes and guidance was incredible..His advantage is being local and know each and everything really helped the group to have an amazing experience.


The location of the Yoga school is perfect to conduct a Yoga retreat in Himalayas. Rooms were neat and clean and there was no problem in accommodation.


I am going again in 2019, and will be going almost every year if I can.


I highly recommend Shivalayaa to hold your retreat without any hesitation.




From Adelaide


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